Little tour of the Small Carpathian region

If you wish to spend a half-day in the Bratislava surroundings and see the lovely countryside, then this tour is right for you. We will visit a famous Red Stone Castle and continue to old wine-growing towns and vineyards. When interested, we can organize a local wine tasting or join wine festivals that take place quite often.

Half day trip in Bratislava region

Experience beauty of the rich countryside

Trip nameStartDurationTypePrice

Little tour of the Small Carpathian region

Morning start: 09.30 am
Afternoon start: 2.00 pm

5–6 hours

Local guide

99 € / 89 € / 79 € / p. person
2 / 3 / 4 + / persons

Additional activity
Wine tasting in Small Carpathian region

Custom event

0,5 – 1 hours

Optional activity

Variable price 12,00 €  – 35,00 € / person,
depending on the chosen winemaker and the place of tasting. Final wine tasting price by agreement.

1. Red stone castle

1. Red stone castle

A Red stone castle is a well preserved renaissance fortress hidden in the hills of Small Carpathian mountains. Castle tells the stories of many counts and nobles living here. When exploring this place you will surprisingly learn about the biggest copper concern of its age in the world. Really interesting story. In the summer you can enjoy here a falconry shows, medieval knights and even a local wine tasting in old bastions.

2. Wine growing towns

2. Wine growing towns

Did you know that Bratislava region has a rich wine growing tradition, that we can track back to the 13th century, even further? And did you know that actually Slovakia is one of the most northern regions for vine growing in Europe?

There are several small towns from which we can mention Svätý Jur, Pezinok & Modra. The first one is also a town monument reserve with well preserved architecture.

3. Walk in the vineyards

3. Walk in the vineyards

To make a nice ending of this tour we suggest to walk in the Small Carpathian vineyards. This will make your whole experience even more pleasant, because you will really feel the countryside and make a whole image of the region. We promise – will take you to the best locations we know. If weather & timing will be good the sunset will accompany us.

4. Wine tasting in<br>Small Carpathian region

4. Wine tasting in
Small Carpathian region

If you are a wine lover or if you are just curious enough to experience a wine tasting in Small Carpathian region, we strongly suggest to add this event to your tour.

We know many excellent local winemakers and we can either visit charismatic old wine cellars (up to 500 years old), genuine local wine taverns with a cozy atmosphere or absolutely modern wine venues with brand new technologies. You will „taste“ the flavor of this region and know more local people.

If you are lucky

Local feasts, wine routes & festivals

Local feasts, wine routes & festivals

If you are lucky with timing, we will definitely take you for the wine celebrations or festival. These events take place in small wine towns and the atmosphere there is just amazing. You will find there lots of good wine & food and in the autumn also a special grape drink „burčák“. Please, when making a booking of this tour, ask us if there is any event going on.

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