Danube rafting adventure

Ever wondered how the evenings look like when rafting down the river Danube? Do you want to experience it yourself? Then join us on the 3 hour water rafting trip on trail "Hainburg - Devín - Bratislava"

Enjoy Danube river in Bratislava surroundings

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Danube rafting adventure

17.00 – 20.00
Time may be adjusted

3 hours

Guided rafting with a water guide

55,00 € raft / catamaran
70,00 € kayak

Rafting on the river Danube main flow

Water trail: Hainburg - Devín - Bratislava

Option 1:<BR>Raft or stable catamaran

Option 1:
Raft or stable catamaran

This 3 hour-long rafting on Danube's main water flow takes you on a pleasant adventure. River speed on this trip is about 10 km/h. We use a raft or a stable catamaran (two canoes tied together). Recommended for beginners and moderately advanced canoeists.

Option 2:<BR>Take a single kayak

Option 2:
Take a single kayak

More experienced adventurers and paddlers can raft solo in the single kayak. Danube is still a big river, so this option is possible just if you have a previous experience in the kayak and you feel comfortable with it.

Water trail:<BR>Hainburg - Devín - Bratislava

Water trail:
Hainburg - Devín - Bratislava

Shortly after starting in Hainburg we will enter the 2 state border point between Austria and Slovakia, right where the river Morava flows into the bigger Danube river. It is a beautiful & picturesque place located right under the monumental rock of Devín castle.

Swim & relax on the Danube beach

Swim & relax on the Danube beach

When the weather is nice and the water conditions allows us we will stop at the Danube river bank and take a refreshing bath in the water. By the evening, ending the trip in Bratislava just before the sunset.

Time:Trip schedule:

Trip: Danube rafting adventure


Meeting up & departing from Bratislava center and the transfer to the starting point in Austria


Starting a canoe trip in Hainburg. Rafting down the river Danube passing the Devín castle. Stop on the way


Arrival to Bratislava dock-yards

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Time schedule as written is approximate and may vary or change