Banská Štiavnica UNESCO.
A jewel inside the Volcano

Discover beautiful Banská Štiavnica - a town inside the old huge volcano, UNESCO world heritage site. An exceptional place with specific charisma, unique history, architecture and artistic atmosphere makes out of this place one of the most precious heritage sites in Slovakia.

One of the best places you can visit in Slovakia

The most atmospheric place in Slovakia you will fall in love with

The most atmospheric place in Slovakia you will fall in love with

Jewel inside the volcano – Silver town – Lady of central Slovakia – Terra Banensium
Genius Loci – Artistic crossroad – Town of 60 lakes

Just some synonyms for beautiful Banská Štiavnica, Slovak most charismatic town where nature, human and culture delicately meets each other. In the past a wealthy mining town rich in silver and gold ore, nowadays an artistic and cultural base with many events going on throughout the whole year. Walking the streets you can discover lovely cafés, bars and local restaurants at every corner.

Day trip to Banská Štiavnica

Take a day trip from Bratislava to Banská Štiavnica UNESCO

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Banská Štiavnica UNESCO
A jewel inside the Volcano

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A day trip from Bratislava to Banská Štiavnica UNESCO


Departing from Bratislava city center – Primaciálne námesite (Primate´s square)


Arrival to Banská Štiavnica UNESCO

10.00 – 18.00

Your time to explore this lovely place. Local guide will show you interesting places.
We will give you plenty of recommendations for things to experience, to visit and to taste in this beautiful place.


Departure from Banská Štiavnica to Bratislava


Arrival to Bratislava town centre



1. A poetic town inside huge old Volcano

1. A poetic town inside huge old Volcano

Once upon a time, 16,5 million year ago there was a huge „Strato- volcano“. Scientist assume it was 4000 meters high and spread over an area of 220 square kilometers. This Volcano brought from the depths of the ground a lot of precious metals that were waiting for their time to be revealed.

2. Artist's inspiration: The most photogenic place: Castles, churches and rooftops

2. Artist's inspiration: The most photogenic place: Castles, churches and rooftops

This town is definitely a paradise for photographers and painters. How can be in one small town so many architectonic styles? Well, the rich history and big importance of this place have dragged the attention to builders and architects from all parts of Europe. One can find gothic, baroque, renaissance and classicism building style, just within few meters. Moreover, the city is embedded into volcanic hills which surrounds it all over and this really makes out the unique and extraordinary shape.
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3. City of culture

3. City of culture

Small local festivals is something what brings into this town a spirit of art and life. During summer you can enjoy many kinds of cultural events: Examples include Tematic film festival, Theatre festival, Crafts festivals, Live Chess, Well known Salamander Days, Cabaret nuovo and streteart, Music festivals and plenty of good concerts played in local bars with typical local atmosphere. Apart of that, the artistic performances can take place in town just when you don´t expect it.

4. Calvary in Banská Štiavnica - a world unique monument

4. Calvary in Banská Štiavnica - a world unique monument

„Calvariae“ or Golgota hill. The place of skulls – is a christian remembering for the passion of Christ. People here were deeply religious. Now imagine the time when there were no movies, no internet and the majority of people actually could not read. So the Art and Architecture were one of the few ways what could bring people closer tho visualization of what happened in Christ life. This way Christian statues, frescoes and symbols were the very closest representations of Gods acts.

Calvary of Banská Štiavnica is special and unique in the world scale. It is situated on majestic volcanic hill and this shape gives it a proper stamp to the whole landscape. The story of building it dates back to 1744 when Jesuit monk Perger after his travels across Europe got deeply inspired of Calvary tradition. Concurrently it was also the age of disputes between Catholics and Protestants. But here, in this Calvary they have found the understanding, what is really precious for that age. As walking on you will find many beautiful Christian displays that will bring you closer to 1700´s people feelings.

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5. The best teahouse in the world<br/>"A Mekka for tea lovers"

5. The best teahouse in the world
"A Mekka for tea lovers"

This place suppose to be a pilgrimage point for tea lovers. Do you prefer tea or cafe? Well this question is irrelevant, because they serve both of them in a way that you probably never have had drink before. Teahouse „Klopačka“ in translation „A knocking tower“ dating in 1681 is situated above the city in small castle like building. Originally it was a miners tower, with a knocking apparatus as miners alarm clock that called miners to work, announced celebrations. Today in Klopačka is a perfect teahouse where they serve tea form all parts of the world – Asia, Africa, Arabia, Europe, South America… Many of these tease are so delicious, that you will fall in love with this place for sure. Also cafe serving is somewhat special – ask for it.

6. "Terra Banesium" - Explore the real underground

6. "Terra Banesium" - Explore the real underground

This is a land of Miners.. Sometimes you can experience even mystical and medieval atmosphere. Banská Štiavnica is a mining town in its essence. When the human started to explore the lands of Europe, old nations lived around for centuries. First the the Celtic people came.

..and after some time a Slavic local shepherd saw two little lizards fully covered with a gold and silver glitters on their back… Since then a mining activity was main forming power, that formed this town. If you would have an X-ray view you would see thousands kilometers of mines and shafts which are under the city and all around in the landscape.

A famous gold and silver history

A famous gold and silver history

People have worked hundreds of years and have dug very deep into the earth depths. If you would go deep enough you may meet some imps still digging.. You can take an excursion to some of open mines, to dive down below the ground and explore the underground.

7. Visit a stunning "Love Bank"

7. Visit a stunning "Love Bank"

This is something you heaven´t ever seen before. The Epicentrum of Love is an interactive exhibition dedicated to the Longest love poem in the world – Marína – written by Andrej Sládkovič in 1846. It is located in the House of Marína in Banská Štiavnica. It is here where Marína – to whom the poem is dedicated – lived for almost all of her life. The first genuine LOVE BANK in the world! Based on the verses of the poem Marína – the World's longest Love poem.

8. Town of 60 man made lakes

8. Town of 60 man made lakes

Another reason why Banská Štiavnica is inscribed in the UNESCO world heritage list is its technical geniality of its golden age. One can say that this town was a „Silicon valey“ of 1600 – 1800 due to its high technological inventions. Here were developed and applied many first time seen inventions and technologies. What was extraordinary was an invention of water system that consisted of machines, canals and artificial lakes. This system was used for mining activities such as driving the machines, drainage of mines and water supplies for the town. 60 lakes was made by hands of people. Today 24 of them left and they form a beautiful landscape of Banská Štiavnica.

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