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Explore the jewels of beautiful country in the heart of Europe. Day trips from Bratislava with local guides. Visit UNESCO world heritage sites. Experience wild nature. Taste a local food. Get to know Slovak culture and traditions.

Tours & excursions in Bratislava region

Explore Slovakia´s capital and its neighbourhood

Bratislava & Small Carpathian region

Bratislava & Small Carpathian region

Visit Bratislava, enchanting capital of Slovakia and its surroundings famous as one of the most northern area
of wine production in Europe.

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Day trips from Bratislava

In the morning you set on for the trip and by the evening you will be back with a great experience

Banská Štiavnica <BR>(UNESCO)<BR><H4>A jewel inside the Volcano<H4>

Banská Štiavnica

A jewel inside the Volcano

08.30 am – 08.30 pm

Visit the most charismatic Slovak town situated right inside the old huge Volcano. Stunning architecture, rich history, catchy street life & nice people. Beautiful nature around. Simply said, this is something special!

Central Slovakia Classic <BR>(UNESCO)<BR><H4>Culture, nature & history<H4>

Central Slovakia Classic

Culture, nature & history

8.00 am – 8.00 pm

Three national treasures in one day: Wooden church in Hronsek. Harmanecká cave – a natural monument hidden in the mountains. Lovely Kremnica – a gold mining town with the oldest ongoing Mint factory in the world.

Trenčín castle & Čičmany<BR><BR><H4>Meet the lords and the folk<H4>

Trenčín castle & Čičmany

Meet the lords and the folk

08.30 am – 6.00 pm

How did the nobility and the ordinary people lived in the old days? Explore with us an exposition of Trenčín castle, together with a beautifully preserved traditional wooden village Čičmany, where ordinary people lived.


ENVIRO-GUIDING: Explore natural heritage of Slovakia

Adventures in the wild nature

Hiking in a Nature reserve<BR><H4>1. Súľov rocks hiking <BR>2. Súľov rocks hiking + Čičmany<H4>

Hiking in a Nature reserve

1. Súľov rocks hiking
2. Súľov rocks hiking + Čičmany

09.00 am – 7.00 pm or 9.00 pm

Explore with us a National nature reserve where mother Earth shaped herself into various shapes as towers, cones, needles, gates, some rocks resemble even figures. A site of prehistoric people and animals. If interested, we can include a visit of the folk architecture monument reserve in „Čičmany“.

Hiking in a National park<BR><H4>A spectacular system of gorges and canyons "Jánošíkove diery"<H4>

Hiking in a National park

A spectacular system of gorges and canyons "Jánošíkove diery"

08.00 am – 8.00 pm

Experience the mighty spirit of Slovak mountains. National park Mala Fatra and its canyon „Jánošíkove diery“. Definitely one of the best hikes you can choose for. Feel the beauty and power of nature scenery as you will hike through steep gorges and pass many waterfalls. Highly recommended!

Explore Danube wilderness

Explore Danube wilderness

09.00 am – 5.00 pm

If you are a nature lover, then this 8 hour-long day trip is a perfect choice for you. A true canoe exploration of Danube floodplains, wetlands, alluvial forests and river side streams in a protected landscape area with its rich fauna and flora. A pleasant experience worth to try.

Danube rafting adventure

Danube rafting adventure

5.00 pm – 8.00 pm

Ever wondered what it feels like when rafting down the river Danube? Come with us and enjoy this rafting experience on the water trail „Hainburg – Devín – Bratislava“. Enjoy the Danube during pleasant late afternoon & evening atmosphere on the water.


Bratislava surroundings

Little tour of the Small Carpathian region<BR><H4>Explore Bratislava region in half-day trip

Little tour of the Small Carpathian region

Explore Bratislava region in half-day trip

Time option A: 9.30 – 14.30 (15.30)
Time option B: 14.00 – 19.00 (20.00)

If you wish to spend a half-day in the Bratislava region and see the lovely countryside, then this tour is right for you. We will visit a famous Red Stone Castle and continue to old wine-growing towns and vineyards. When interested, we can organize a local wine tasting or join wine festivals that take place quite often.

Great tour of the Small Carpathian region<BR><H4>Explore Bratislava region in full-day trip

Great tour of the Small Carpathian region

Explore Bratislava region in full-day trip

9.00 am – 7.30 pm

Experience an attractive day with us and explore magical places of the Bratislava neighbourhood. We will choose from a visit to the Driny Cave, National hero burial mound, Red Stone Castle, tasting of excellent local wines in the historic wine cellar or an educational walk in the vineyards.


History tours

100 Years history of Slovak region

1 day excursion

Spent a day with us, and we will guide you through recent historical events, beginning with Czechoslovakia and ending up with today´s Slovak Republic

1500 Years history of Slovak region

Intensive 2-3 day excursion

We will take 2–3 days to explore history of Slovak region. Deep, profound excursion. We will visit interesting and exciting localities. Starting with the arrival of the Slavs to the region of today's Slovakia

100 000 year history of Slovak region

Deep 3-5 day excursion

Deep, profound meeting. We will explore a lot. talk. Starting from homo neanderthalensis, through Celts, Romans, Slavs, Hungarians up to nowday´s Slovakia.

Christiantity - a history in Slovak region

1-2 day excursion

Are you interested in religion? We have very interesting tour of religion history of Christianity. We will visit beautiful sites. You will love this excursion.

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10 reasons you should explore beautiful Banská Štiavnica UNESCO

10 reasons you should explore beautiful Banská Štiavnica UNESCO

Have you ever visited a town inside the Volcano? Charismatic „Banská Štiavnica“ is great by its atmosphere. Experience place – where art, history and nature meets together..

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Trip: Explore Danube wilderness
We had a very good and memorable trip to the old Danube sidearms with Thomas on Sunday, which we thoroughly enjoyed.
Christopher, Switzerland